The world of art stretches far and wide, from an AI-generated ocean where mysterious mermaids clutch pearls and metallic shells to the set of a creative photoshoot, adorned with exquisite handmade props and accessories- and even across the desk of a corporate official reviewing a meticulously designed annual report. Mountain Muse Art documents a never-ending journey through this world.

about the artist

I don't just create art- I live it. From traditional art forms like drawing, music, and writing to specialized art like digital art, origami, makeup, and more, I immerse myself in art. For expression, for a living, and for fun! I am so lucky to do what I love professionally and still be able to explore it in my free time without losing that spark.

My creative bucket list would include:
Package design for Starbucks- Between my love of coffee, 20 years of ordering their creations, and admiration for their variety of packaging styles, I can't put anything else as number one on my list.
Cosmetics PR package design- Makeup artistry meets graphic design and endless possibilities when I envision cosmetics PR packages. It would be a dream to create a product like this, whether elaborate, minimal, or somewhere in between.
Planner design- As a pen and paper addict who's tried every planner out there, I always wanted to create my own. There's something awesome about designing your own productivity and organization.
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